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December 2012 – Elizabeth J. Todd, Analyst, has been granted the Certified Valuation Analyst designation by the NACVA, the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts.
November 2012 - Linda Smith, photonics technology specialist, becomes Advisor to Newbury Piret.
November 2012 - John Piret, Lee Neumann [US Securities lawyer, Paris France], Eliot Norman [Williams Mullen, Richmond VA] spoke at a seminar hosted by the Chambre de Commerce et d’Industrie – Paris Ile-de-France [CCI PARIS IDF, Paris France] on the topic “Réussir une Levée de Fonds aux USA”.
October 2012 – John Piret, Bill Snyder [Pech de Laclause, Bathmanabane & Associés, Paris France], Brendan Berne [international lawyer, Paris France], Maureen Donovan [Donovan Law Office, Houston TX / Paris France], Liz Wiley [The Wiley Firm PC, Austin TX], and Robert Piret [Senior Advisor to Newbury Piret] spoke at a seminar hosted by Pech de Laclause, Bathmanabane & Associés on the topic of “US Investment and Market Entry Roundtable – Funding, Contracting, Immigration and Intellectual Property”.
June 2012 – John Piret served on the venture selection committee for the New Technology Venture Accelerator program (NETVA) at the Cambridge Innovation Center [Cambridge MA]. “The NETVA program is an initiative of the Consulates General of France in Boston and San Francisco and the Embassy of France in Washington to support French innovative startups in their search for opportunities in the United States and to help them understand the regulations and market of American technologies.” [from the NETVA website].