Investment Banking: Financial Advisory

Boston's HubNewbury Piret & Co. provides practical independent advice on corporate valuation and deal strategy based upon extensive experience with business sales and financings. Our experience includes performing valuations for and providing financial advice to over 400 companies in a wide range of industries.

Our financial advisory work supports executives and Boards of Directors in evaluating and negotiating merger & acquisitions opportunities and provides fairness opinions to Special Committees of Boards who are being asked to act on a transaction. Our advisory work in support of M&A includes providing advice and analyses on topics such as:

  • having been presented with an attractive offer to sell, should a Board consider approaching other potential bidders?
  • what is the value of any non-cash consideration (e.g. buyer’s stock, note, earn-out) in an acquisition proposal?
  • what should an acquirer offer to pay for a competitor who is considering selling?
  • how should an acquirer handle an auction process?
  • is this business a feasible Management Buy-Out / Buy-In candidate?

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